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    docs: move the IRC channel away from Freenode · fe3cb797
    Yann E. MORIN authored
    Due to the recent events at Frenode [0], the channel has become a bit
    unreliable (much spammed), and users have started to move away already,
    as quite a few other projects have moved their IRC presence away from
    There are a few alternatives. The first to spring to mind, is the new
    Libera.Chat network [1], managed by the previous Freenode staff, so we
    could expect quite a good experience there. However, it is a very young
    network. The second well known alternative is the long-established OFTC,
    which has been very reliable in its 20 years of existence.
    So, let's move to OFTC, just because it has a track-record of robustness
    (which Libera.Chat still has to build, for being young).
    Note: there are a lot of other IRC networks, some very good too, but we
    probably would be much off-topic on most of them.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarYann E. MORIN <>
    Cc: Pet...