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    Convert CONFIG_SYS_L2_PL310 to Kconfig · 11168883
    Philip Oberfichtner authored
    This converts CONFIG_SYS_L2_PL310 to Kconfig.
    For omap2 and mvebu the 'select SYS_L2_PL310' locations were
    determined using ./tools/moveconfig -i CONFIG_SYS_L2_PL310.
    For mx6 I manually chose ARCH_MX6 as 'select' location. The
    correctness has been verified using
    	$ ./tools/ -f ARCH_MX6 ~SYS_L2_PL310 ~SYS_L2CACHE_OFF
    	0 matches
    That means whenever an ARCH_MX6 board had SYS_L2_PL310 disabled, this
    was correctly reflected in SYS_L2CACHE_OFF. Thus it's safe to insert
    the 'select' statement under ARCH_MX6.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarPhilip Oberfichtner <>